We plan

and assess the successful alliance strategy. We analyse markets and existing structures. We evaluate the core competences and determine the gaps that can be filled out by strong alliance partners. We define win-win situations and formulate sustainable alliance strategies. We think business and technically oriented but also keep in mind social and cultural criteria in the sense of a holistic management approach.

 We select

an appropriate alliance partner. We determine and analyse potential partners on the target markets. With the help of proven evaluation criteria we provide a ranking list of the most suitable partners. We bring the potential partners together and support them in getting to know each other.  Through our due diligence and special awarness on the social due diligence, we minimize the risks of false assumtions and misunderstandings.

 We build up

successful alliance governance structure. We prepare alliance negotiation and support the development of a common vision among the alliance partners. We bridge boundaries, care for well-balanced interests and create a solid governance structure. We secure a well-formulated memorandum of understanding with fair resource allocation, efficient working processes, optimized communication structures and clear controlling instruments.

We manage

an operative running of strategic alliances. We guarantee operational excellence and people excellence in the strategic alliance management.
•  We align work processes between partners and create an efficient alliance coordination.
•  With the help of proven software collaboration tools we enable a transparent communication structure and document management.
•  We steer alliance members to a common spirit of understanding and mutual respect. Trust and commitment will be the profound base of an alliance.
•  We observe that partners abide to their promisses and fulfill their tasks. Through our regular performance measurement we recognize, if processes are in line. Our controlling makes alliance progress visible and minimizes alliance risks.

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